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Fernán González
Ph.D candidate in History, M.A. in Latin American History from University of California at Berkeley and M.A. in Political Science from Universidad de los Andes. He is the director of the “Colombian observatory for integral development, citizen coexistence and institutional strengthening in regions strongly affected by the armed conflict”. Researcher of CINEP, where he has been general director and coordinator of research projects on the recent history of politics and violence in Colombia. He has been professor at several universities in Colombia and abroad.
Fabio Sánchez
Ph.D. in Economics from Rutgers University (USA), M.A. in Economics from Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Philosophy and Literature major at Universidad de los Andes. Professor of the Economics Department of Universidad de los Andes. Former director of the Center for Studies on Economic Development (CEDE by its acronym in Spanish), of Universidad de los Andes from 2002 to 2008.

Álvaro Villarraga
Political Scientist from Universidad del Valle and specialist in conflict resolution, Human Rights and Constitutional Law. M.A. in law from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Director of the Area of Agreements on the Truth of the Historical Memory Center and president of Fundación Cultura Democrática. Was responsible for the area of demobilization, disarming and reinsertion of the former National Commission of Reparations and Reconciliation (CNRR by its acronym in Spanish).

Rocío Londoño
Sociologist from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Doctor in History from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Was the Dean of the Human Sciences Faculty of Universidad Nacional de Colombia; Director of the Culture and Tourism Institute and coordinator of the citizenship culture programs of the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá (2001-2003). She has worked on research on social movements, rural history, urban culture, among others.
Darío Fajardo
Anthropologist from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. M.A. from University of California at Santa Barbara. Degree Program, Escuela Superior de Guerra, Comprehensive Course on National Defense. Research Professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia. He has worked on violence, armed conflict and social processes. Correspondent Member of the Colombian Academy of Economic Sciences.

Ana María Ibáñez
Ph.D. in Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics, University of Maryland at College Park. Economist from Universidad de los Andes. Director of CEDE, Faculty of Economics, Universidad de los Andes.
Alejandro Reyes
Lawyer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. M.A. in Sociology from Berkley University. He has worked on land conflicts, guerrillas, paramilitaries, drug trafficking, peace processes, the state and territorial control, rural development policies, restitution of lands, among others. Author of Guerreros y Campesinos, El Despojo de la tierra en Colombia (Bogotá, Editorial Norma, 2009)

Manuel Ramírez
Civil Engineer from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, M.A. in Economics from Universidad de los Andes and Ph.D in Economics from Yale University. He is currently tenured professor at Universidad del Rosario.